Improve the sustainable livelihood of the poor and disadvantaged through community based demand driven programs.

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Board Directer at Chitwan Hospital Pvt.Ltd, Former Chairperson/Founder at Siddhartha Development Bank Limited, Founder vice chairperson/Former chairperson at NBPA (Nepal Biogas Promotion Association), Founder chairperson & Chief Advisor at Nepal Energy Development Company Pvt. Ltd., Founder vice president at solar energy Manufactures Association of nepal, Former Board Member at Alternative Energy Promotion Centre/GON, Chairperson at BSP-Nepal, Board Director at Clean and Green Nepal, Chairperson at Global Diary Pvt. Ltd. kathmandu, Honorable Adviser at Lions Club International 325 R Nepal, Chief Adviser at RIT-Nepal, Chief Adviser at START-Nepal.

– Chief Advisor, Aid Nepal

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Alliance for Integrated development- Nepal (AID- Nepal) was established in 2006 by a group of well- qualified and experienced development experts, researchers and academicians.

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